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Does the latest bitstream support writing to the mounted disk image? I've tried saving programs but it just hangs. I'm wondering if I've missed something.


John D

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Similar Q: Mega65 reads disks, writting works not.
I tried to test Last Nija 2 and when it had to load data, only hangs.


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No write support yet. Noone has taken the job of doing better 15X1 emulation yet. Hopefully someone will pop up soon ;)

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The issue of being able to write to the disk images has been on the queue for a fair while, but is currently stuck behind these two big items that I am working on:

1. Get 6502 illegal opcodes working, as it seems a lot of crunchers use them, and this makes lots of stuff not work.
2. Get C65 bitplane mode working.

Writing to D81s actually *almost* works. The F011 disk controller emulation tries to do it, at least with the older versions of the C65 ROM. The main problem is that it wrote the 256 bytes incorrectly in the 512 byte sector (the C65 ROM does some strange gymnastics with the 512 byte sector buffer to do this).

So if someone would like to make a blank D81 image, and then try to write something, and see what mess it makes of the disk, and figure out how the sector write buffering is being mishandled, this will allow me to fix it much more quickly.



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