Will there be room left of the FPGA to play with?

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Just saw and I really like where this is heading. I can't wait to get my hands on the final hardware.

I wonder, will there be room left of the FPGA to play with? Is is feasible to tinker with the final version and, let's say, customize the cpu by adding a 8x8 -> 16 multiply instruction.
The prospect of being able to extend the system on the hardware level is fantastic and I hope this is considered to be a supported usecase.

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@ woepaul It has already a quite interesting "math-unit" which goes far beyond than only a 8x8->16 multiply instruction.

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@LGB, you are probably referring to
That sound's pretty fun to play with. Thanks for the hint!

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There is also a 25x18 multiplier that is direct memory mapped and super-easy to use.

As for spare space, we have actually already included a small "virtual FPGA" thanks to support from our collaborators in France. This will make it possible to do all manner of crazy things.


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