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RE[2]: Why dont you continue to release Bitstreams like promised ?


Hopefully, it's more due to people that are working on the project are juggling this against other work and duties in their lives. Being an open-source project, I'm thinking everybody's time to contribute is limited. Still, it's good that you made your point and put it on their radars, hopefully someone on the team can get a new bitstream your way.

Or if you're super keen, you could try install the Xilinx "ISE Design Suite" software (free version), clone the code from github and then build the bitstream yourself.

Here's a walkthrough of how to install the "ISE Design Suite" software.

Here's a walkthrough of how to retrieve the source from github and build the bitstream:

I suppose the remaining question would be which branch to build from, as there are quite a few now, with different developers focusing on different aspects. Hopefully Paul or others can chip in and suggest one of the branches to use.

Personally, I'm still hoping one day I can contribute more to this project myself, if I can find a nice window of free time in my life, I still intend to, fingers crossed :)

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