Why dont you continue to release Bitstreams like promised ?

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I bought an FPGA board and got it to boot the 65. It all looks alright, but I don't have a blinking cursor. So I cannot input anything. No idea whether the board is damaged or my uSD card has a glitch. I'm a translator rather than a software engineer. So far noone really bothered to help me.

:: @Rolf Hass added on 07 Aug ’17 · 22:08

There were a few (2 or so) files to download, but after that I never got any updates.

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Truth is that I saw one public bitstream at least year ago.
Sadly looks it is close beta or so...


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Hopefully, it's more due to people that are working on the project are juggling this against other work and duties in their lives. Being an open-source project, I'm thinking everybody's time to contribute is limited. Still, it's good that you made your point and put it on their radars, hopefully someone on the team can get a new bitstream your way.

Or if you're super keen, you could try install the Xilinx "ISE Design Suite" software (free version), clone the code from github and then build the bitstream yourself.

Here's a walkthrough of how to install the "ISE Design Suite" software.

Here's a walkthrough of how to retrieve the source from github and build the bitstream:

I suppose the remaining question would be which branch to build from, as there are quite a few now, with different developers focusing on different aspects. Hopefully Paul or others can chip in and suggest one of the branches to use.

Personally, I'm still hoping one day I can contribute more to this project myself, if I can find a nice window of free time in my life, I still intend to, fingers crossed :)

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Sorry, we have all been very busy, including working on the next bitstream to release.

The big delay for us has been getting the video working correctly on the 150MHz pixel clock, which has been causing a lot more work than expected.

Basically we don't want to release a bitstream that is less usable than the ones we have already released.


append delete #4. gardners

... the current branch with the activity on it is m65pcb-ports if you want to try building a bitstream yourself. I am also happy to provide bitstreams to people individually for testing things, for example to check if a board is faulty.

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A test post from my other laptop to say that we as soon as I get the current keyboard scan problems solved for the MEGA65 PCB in the bitstream, that I am planning on releasing an updated bitstream. All going well, it will be the first bitstream available for Nexys4 original and DDR as well as the MEGA65 PCB r1.

I'll let you all know when I have the bitstreams ready.


append delete #6. Thraka


Thank you so much for the work on this project. This is the most exciting and anticipated project on my radar. I can't wait for the finished version!


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