Which Emulator to use for mega65

append delete Collen

Hi all,

i've found several emulators for the Mega65 and C65.
Simple question, which one do i use that is closest to the Mega65 project and has the most functionality ?!

Kind regards, Collen

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append delete #1. gpz

none, there is no decent C65 emulator, and certainly none that is even close to what mega65 is

append delete #2. Kuba Tyszko

it claims to support c65 but I haven't tested it personally, there is also another (high-level) emulator but that one is not even worth mentioning.

Mega65 runs on FPGA, but there is an emulator in development -

append delete #3. Collen

OK, you're right...
Let me rephrase the question...

of the 'somewhat lame emulation' there is for the M65/C65
Which one can i best use to start programming en testing for the Mega65 ?

LGB has several on his github
but so does MEGA65 on github

What do the developers use in there testing..
And yes, i'm aware that it's far from done, and that some or not most
functionality isn't there..
But i have to start somewhere..

append delete #4. Kuba Tyszko

I'm pretty sure devs use actual fpga dev board in conjuntion with tools available in Xilinx ISE

append delete #5. LGB

My Xemu project tries to emulate Mega65, though it's fairly incomplete currently, and needs deeper knowledge on Mega65 stuff (like kickstart, SD rom images, how to prepare these etc) to be able to make it work. But at least it can "boot" the "real" kickstart can be used with the FPGA board as well, and also hypervisor calls are supported used by the disk selector, etc etc (advanced features, like 48MHz clock, VIC-IV extra modes etc are not ready yet) I plan to change on these in the future, to be more complete, accurate, faster, and more user friendly as well :) For C65, I have a C65 (C65-only ... separated from my Mega65 emulator) emulator too within my Xemu project again (it knows bitplane modes of VIC-III, extra H640 mode, but no H1280 or V400 or interlace, and even some VIC-II features are missing). The xemu repository on github/Mega65 is a fork of my original repository, but it's much older, and anyway, there is no other work in it, compared to my (but much up-to-date) master repository on github/lgblgblgb. If someone is interested, here is some information, screenshot, and also video within some blog posts from me:

append delete #6. LGB

Btw, here is an incomplete report of Xemu status, in relation of C65/M65 emulation:

append delete #7. Collen

Hi Gábor, Thanx for the update and the clarifiction.
I've found most of your sites and blogs on the C65/M65.
Thanks for all the info you put up there, makes my life a bit easier (-:

My intension was to stick with the MEGA65 project, and use that as base.
I'm fully aware that the project and emulator is far from complete, but that's ok.

Cheers, Collen

append delete #8. ben-401

Hi Collen,

I am a mega65 developer. I use the nexys4ddr board.
I have recently looked into the mega65/xemu and lgblgblgb/xemu projects and have since placed some install instructions in our repo at:

I have not used any other emulators.

append delete #9. LGB

Please do not use as it's seriously outdated. It was a fork my own personal repository when it was not clear that there will be some M65 work at all, or some other developers would like to further develop my C65 emulator maybe as an M65 emulator. However not even a single difference since then between my and that repo other (the X commits ahead title is just because the merge commits actually) than that, the mentioned one is more older (sometimes I sync them, but it's kinda rare). Ok, so in nutshell, this should be used:

append delete #10. LGB

Also worth to be mentioned: I try to make binary distributions some time for various operating systems (currently: OSX, deb/rpm linux based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64 bit builds, win32 and win64 executables), however I can't test them too much (I have no windows and OSX ... built on travis service with cross compiling for windows, and travis OSX service for OSX). However, you can find here, if some would like to try it (if they want to avoid the build process):


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