Where is the MEGA devel happening nowadays?

append delete everslick

I looked at the github repo, to find the last commit beeing 'commit ad7698c on Mar 13, 2016'. Is the current work done someplace else, or nobody cared to push to github lately?

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append delete #1. PGSmobile

The work has been happening on various branches. The latest work is in m65pcb-ports, which wie hope to merge back onto master in the next few weeks. The main delay has come from changing the video mode, which still has some remaining corrections required.

append delete #2. dropnine

Hearing about the progress is like a dopamine drip. lol.


append delete #3. everslick

Thanks to your update to the README in the old repository I found :-) ... putting it in case somebody missed it (like me!).

append delete #4. PGSmobile

You're welcome, and thanks for bringing it to my attention.

append delete #5. everslick

I seem to have overlooked this google group until now as well, so I post it here just in case..!forum/c65gs-development


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