When it is going be release?

append delete Graham

Hello there,

I don't want put pressure on them on release date. What they doing is good as taking time and testing things out and so on.

I just wondering when it going be release? Late 2019?
How much going cost?

keep good work up :)


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append delete #1. gardners

Ah, the two questions on everyone's mind.

Unfortunately, we can't offer an answer on either until the case and PCB designs are more finished.

What we can offer as consolation prize today, is a sneak peek at the keyboards:

append delete #2. MIRKOSOFT

I did last tests with Memtest 1.09.%0ACommodore 128 really passed, even with CP/M Cartridge...%0ABut when I started/reseted C128 with holding C= key - direct jump to C64 mode, testing VDC RAM produces error.%0AIt during tests increments value to 15 and then displays error memory testing. Other tets after have no problem.%0AResults are placed here:

append delete #3. Jesus ESCOLAR


How can we be maintained informed about release date and time to purchase a device?


append delete #4. gardners


We will certainly announce it here, on the web site, and on the blog and on the facebook page, in the very least.


append delete #5. Warrior4Jah

I am checking out the webpage and forum a few times a month to follow news regarding the Mega65. I would love an affordable 8 bit computer while also being able to run my old C64 games. Can I have one in blue? :)

Btw, I enjoyed the keyboard read.

append delete #6. Steven

Hey guys,

have been watching this project for more than a year now with baited breath.... I know a release date is not possible, but any chance of at least giving us some sort of idea of time until a possible release?

Is it possible within the next 12 months? Two years? Or it is expected to take longer?

Giving those of us eager and following the development some idea of when we can expect a release would help us "hold on" as there have been so many of these retro projects which rolled on and on and on for years only to become vaporware. :(

append delete #7. gardners

We are working towards release as soon as possible, and already have prototype cases and keyboards, and are currently just waiting on the prototype rev2 PCBs, before we can move forward to the next stage of things.


append delete #8. Steven

Hi Paul,

appreciate the prompt response, but that does not really help us. Whilst I understand giving a date at the moment is impossible, and I sympathize that you guys would not want to give a date just to break it and lose credibility (we have SO much of that in the retro gaming area)... but we are just looking for some reassurance that this project WILL reach completion IN our lifetimes.

Could you at least answer this? In your opinion, considering the current stage of development, do YOU believe the units will be available within the next two years? Obviously being an opinion we would not HOLD YOU to this, but it would just give us a basic idea of when we can LIKELY expect to see a final product.

append delete #9. gardners

Yes, we expect units will be available well within the next 2 years. But experience has taught us that things can suddenly go faster or slower than expected, since we are depending on the generous volunteer efforts of a number of professionals whose time and resources are in constant demand.


append delete #10. Steven

Hi Paul,

again, thanks for the prompt reply - really appreciated. Obviously we know that things can change, delays can occur etc, but knowing we can (hopefully) expect units to become available within the next couple of years is very encouraging for those of us who are anxiously waiting.



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