When Is it Going To RElease

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what dey is it gonna release
sorry for bad typing :3

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"As soon as we can". We are really aiming for this year. I am actually heading to Germany on Saturday in part so that we can do more work together on it. We hope to have sample cases in April. We have secured a supply of floppy drives. PCB revision is happening. So lots of progress from our team of amazing volunteers.


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Do you have any idea of what the price is going to be and how many units are going to be available from the get-go? Anxiously waiting for this.

8 bit guy got tired for waiting and started his own project to redo C64 style compute.

Race is on...

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Actually, his goals are quite different, in that his prime objective is low cost. We look forward to seeing both devices out in the field.

Volume of production will initially be based on volume of orders.

Timeframe is "as quickly as our volunteer team are able to finish the remaining tasks".

Cost is "whatever the cost ends up being, which is knowable only after we finish getting cases and other key components settled."

Sorry that we can't be more specific at the moment, but we are working as quickly as possible to pin everything down, and still really want to have the computer released this year some time.


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