What will be the max amount of RAM ?


First, regarding the "fake" prototype, this is super funny. I could just point you towards the few errors that still exist in the prototype housing (I have avoided to show them when making the photos but they still can be seen) but that would be too easy - find them yourselves! *evil laughter*

Second, this scond prototype has a new original C= keyboard and a new replica C65 mainboard, so no, there is no devboard inside. This replica mainboard also has some very tiny differences to the original mainboards besides it is missing all the C65-specific custom chips.

People have actually seen, touched and opened that 2nd prototype at Retrofair Spring 2016 in Mannheim Germany so I am not discussing whether I am lying or not ;)

This said, next bunch of photos will probably be beauty shots of our own mainboard and the *modified* final case, which will have more ports than the original.

Until then, keep up the conspiracy theories :D


(Leave this as-is, it’s a trap!)

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