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RE[13]: What happened to the Website?

Ralph Egas

Hi gpz,

Truth be told, I think we have underestimated the potential negative impact posting mockups without an accompanying full disclosure or the reasons behind them. We'll try to get better at this and we consider this a lesson learned, so thank you for pointing that out, implicitly.

Although I understand your frustration on 'getting burned' on retro projects, one would have to ask whether the ratio between the level of getting burned versus one's personal investment in such project warrants any entitlement to harsh comments or outright toxic behaviour. If your investment is limited to keeping tabs on a forum, website and yet another forum, I personally don't think you are particularly entitled and I'd urge you to take responsibility and stop spreading hate talk that have a negative impact on both volunteers working hard on the product as well as fellow forum members.

Ask yourself this instead: "what can *I* do to help?"

That said, I can tell you that I know for a fact that none of the devices depicted on the revised website are part of a scam. Although these are clearly mockups of the real things, the MEGA65 Phone is in fact under development and driven by an affiliated team as to make sure the core MEGA65 team's resources and progress don't get affected.

What the teams have accomplished so far is nothing short of stellar and I have no reason to believe the MEGA65 won't see the light of day at some point. There is however an insane amount of work involved and all volunteers have very busy day jobs. Ironically, folks that have the right skills to do this sort of thing are exactly the people that are in demand in the various industries in which they participate with coupled obligations. This is not to be taken lightly and the MEGA65 release will in fact be a remarkable feat once it happens.


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