What happened to the Website?


ok then; first of all let me remind you that we do this for fun only in our non-existant time and with our own money. we are basically aware of the fact that we are trying to do the impossible. main focus lies on the desktop machine (with floppy!!!!!!11eins1elf) but other things are starting to live in the lab besides that. I understand that a lot of clearance is needed on this part but can you please wait for the announcement(s)? So someone could please step forward and apply as a press manager to clean up these things in the future. I have done the website to start a modern nicer look for it and fed it with content that was lying around on my drive. Things can be exchanged but I dont like you people crapping on Jose's renderings. He does a great job building the CAD versions of the stuff while producing a lot of cool render images. And thank you all for giving me s**t for the work I put into that webpage in my non-existant time; I am open for exchanging all the text I put there if better stuff comes up. Otherwise please let me use my time productively so this adventure will become a success. Thank you!



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