What happened to the Website?


can you please wait for the announcement(s)?

well, it was you who apparently did put all those things online - basically announcing a phone, a handheld, and other wild things. on top the text on the page doesnt really indicate that this is all speculation and doesnt really exist - the contrary, it makes it sound eg if that phone thing is already there. all this makes it look scammy, similar to other projects before that were just that. "we" have been burned too often, "we" will step back from this kind of things. (dont make the mistake to just look at your facebook retro crowd - those ppl are easy to impress and often have close to no idea wtf its all about, and whats realistic and whats not)

bottom line: i think you'd do yourself a real favour if you'd just not show those thing that "could be someday in the future maybe perhaps" but instead focus on showing what you really have. or if you must, put them on a seperate page on the website and clearly point out what it really is. as it is now, not only my reaction was "oh, looks like they found an investor, and now they have to show stupid things to make him happy"


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