What happened to the Website?


My personal opinion, that gpz's original post can be misunderstood just too easily (surely it's something that it's hard to blame him that it's just his fault). Ie "plain lies" etc part but missing to realize the "looks like" statement, ie it looks like the web page of some clearly scam stuffs, and not this project/plans is intended to be "insulted" as whole. And it's clearly more an opinion on the look of the new site, how it is felt for him, how he thinks it looks like. But to be honest, at first, I also interpreted gpz's post in a way, that it's a "direct insult" against the project, that _this_ project is "full of lies" (which is something he didn't write actually, but easy to [mis-]understand that way). And honestly, I then just checked the site, and indeed, it's a bit strange to have all of these new stuffs without enough/too much further information, announcement, whatever, just this new info/concept/etc raising from "nowhere", _at least seemingly_. But the "new" plans are really fascinating, in my opinion, anyway, I'm excited about this.


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