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Wow, so man y of you seem to have such tunnel it lost on some of you that this being a fully open source hardware project means others can go ahead and make Mega65 into whatever form-factor they feel like, for whatever project they deem appropriate and it has no impact at all on the faithful reproduction of the C65?

Think Raspberry Pi/Arduini/hobby board. You can massage thins thing any which way into whatever form factor you can make work. The classic C65 form factor is merely the baseline of what is possible.

The only reason the PCB layout is as big as it is, is to match the original C65 form factor otherwise this thing could get condensed down to RPi size.

At any rate, it sure seems short-signed and reactionary to be making calls of "Scam artists" or predicting the project will tank merely because the nature of its design makes it able to be many different things to different people at the same time, or that its designers dared to be open about the possibilities for hobbyists.

At any rate, since when do hype trains bother to have keyboard prototypes manufactured? Why do they bother to have prototypes of the whole system manufactured? (no need to answer as I know h8rs gonna h8 no matter how rational the counter-arguments.)

Mega65 team, keep up the good work! I love that you all have the broad vision that you do, as clearly you are looking beyond merely making something for the retro-collector-nerd crowd and see Mega65 as something that can also have much more, modern relevance.


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