What happened to the Website?


Well, this thread was fun somehow. Anyways, I am open to exchanging any content on the page. I just put the marketing words into the template and used unpublished graphics from my hdd underestimating the reactions this may cause. Frustrating everbody who waits for a desktop machine by showing trails that are obviously out of reach admittedly was not clever. We can put up more substantial stuff, but someone needs me to tell what. We also need photos of the final machine so we concentrate on producing those. I also feel the .com domain should have something like a marketing page, in the end we need as many (pre-)orders as possible to make the machine happen at an affordable price! The .org could be more for the community, does anyone want to take this task?

In a nutshell, the main page, the forum and the blog posts are fun for us and sometimes go horribly wrong. We are sure to get many helping hands to do those right once we deliver great machines. So only this counts for us right now :)

peace all,


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