What comedore should have been

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I was not around much at the ti m the c64 was out. But I was a kid in grade school back in the 80s. I wanted Comedore to be as good as Apple or IBM machines, cheap for people like me but environmental friendly. Clean and cheap with good software and add ons.

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append delete #1. Travis B Moore

Solid state tech should not be more polluting than say vacuum tubes. Also it should be possible to make an adaptable computer that you can upgrade and be at least 80% comparable by vertical integration and be eco friendly while letting the people that work at a computer company innovate and carry innovation to the products a company sells allowing them some say or control in the end product. I wish things were handled better at Comedore. I am glad some of republicans folks moved on to better things. But there must be a better formula to making something. That's my rant.


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