VICE 2.4.26

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New in VICE 2.4.26 is that's marked as master branch for C65 and Mega 65 - look at VICE-EMU-SVN history

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New in VICE 2.4.26 is that's marked as master branch for C65 and Mega 65 - look at VICE-EMU-SVN history <- What does this mean ?

Sorry if my question sounds stupid. Does it mean, we can use VICE now to write programs for the Mega65, or is Vice able to run C65/Mega65 programs or both ?
Or does it mean, that you will be able/or allowed to use parts of the VICE code to analyse and translate it to VHDL to increase the C64 compatibilty further ?

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This means init of work on emulation C65/M65. First note appeared at build 30799. Also there's note about emulation of CMD-HD.
Like we all know release VICE 2.4 was not yet emulating SCPU64. Nightly builds since around 2.4.1 have added SCPU64 emulation. And VICE team, please forgive me next words, developers, skipped emulation SCPU128.
That's shame 'cause C64 is all and C128 only sub-project.
I'm C128 programmer, SCPU128 owner, and I mean at this time is lot more documented work of SCPU128 than C65, even M65 is still in development.
But I own Nexys4DDR too and I'm trying to coding M65, but main problem is that current file access is read only.
So, first time I can test only on MESS C65 emulator, correct bugs and then test on true M65. Emulation of C65 and/or M65 will be great, but in case of M65 VICE cannot have more advanced functions than original.
I know that developers need time to create first build with C65 emulator, and again - C64 is all, has also SCPU64, C128 is bigger, better, faster and with SCPU128 even more than SCPU64... And Mega 65 is something similar like SCPU but for C65 and even much more.
When will be build with C65 emu available I add post here.

append delete #3. Meshuggah333

M65 emulation could be interesting for cross development.
Or a cheap way into the machine if you can't afford the real deal, maybe paired with an USB floppy disk drive :) I wouldn't mine using that for a while.

append delete #4. gpz

all it means is that paul requested a branch on the repo, and blacky did the initial changes so IF someone wants to implement a C65 (not mega65) emulator, then all he needs is there. it does NOT mean that the VICE team will work on a C65 emulator.

append delete #5. gardners

Groepaz has it 100% right. We hope to get a couple of folks working on adding the 4502 in the first instance, as the easy first step towards C65 emulation. This will also help people develop software for the MEGA65, by at least having a working fast emulation.


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