Using mega65 for business....

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Hey guys, what do you think of turning this machine into a business machine that can be used in companies? Seeing there is Ethernet support this computer can be linked into the network in the company. It could be then used in administrative office. Where do you think also this computer could be used as an extremely serious money making machines and for business?

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everywhere - if it was 1985 :o)

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I could only see it being attractive in very specific niche markets, if any. We are looking at using it in education, because 8bit computers are more transparent and understandable. For the same reason some security sensitive uses might be possible to imagine - but again very niche. Were concentrating on making the thing first, of course.

append delete #3. w4jbm

Without a pool of talented support people (such as MS, Apple, or Linux can offer), few businesses are going to take on a technology outside the mainstream unless they have to.

It will be interesting to see if the platform gets traction in areas like gaming, music, etc. Quirky things happen sometimes and events take off in an unexpected direction. I wouldn't hold my breath, but who knows.

append delete #4. Chris2

How about a business that makes Mega65's?:lol:

append delete #5. w4jbm

I'll concede that point... :-)

append delete #6. Solei

Never say never.

If any of you are unfortunate enough to have a pacemaker, there's a chance you got a 65xx-based CPU inside of you ;)

If the Mega65 at some point is being made into silicon (soc) it could become become a nice embedded system for various tasks - especially where simplicity and stability counts.

I recall reading somewhere that some school/university still use the same Amiga 500 to control the heat since they got it the 80's:

My guess is the mega65 could do the same.

append delete #7. w4jbm

About ten years ago I was involved in replacing some gear that had been in service since the 1980s and was based on the 1802 microprocessor. If you grabbed one of the devices (or bought on on eBay) you could pull the ROM and if you studied the ROM you could find a "hidden" password the vendor had put into place in case customers locked themselves out of the device.

Ultimately that vulnerability was what led to them being replaced, not failures or obsolescence itself.

Of course the recent attack that exploited Windows XP vulnerabilities that were still in place because upgrades and migration can be painful in certain environments have also changed the playing field when it comes to cybersecurity on "vintage" assets.

append delete #8. gpz

If the Mega65 at some point is being made into silicon (soc) it could become become a nice embedded system for various tasks - especially where simplicity and stability counts.

seriously.... no. it doesnt really offer anything you can already have a lot cheaper.

mega65 is/will be a hobby platform for retro people - no more no less.

append delete #9. Norman King

Business apps, I made a living writing them for DOS and Windows.

You ask an Apple fan what business apps are they'll tell you music making programs, Photoshop, Dreamwaver, iHome Video editor, etc.

That is not what business apps are.

I had a debate about it in IEEE in 1986 in UMR when the person giving a speech claimed the Apple Lisa and Macintosh were business computers. I said they were not business computers like the IBM PC, he told me those were fighting words. I asked him where the accounting, financial, etc programs where, and he threw a fit and claimed they were not business programs.

When I speak of business programs I am talking about apps that run office functions like accounts payable and accounts receivable, etc. HR, PR, etc databases, etc.

I wrote Apps for Law Firms, they have a time sheet that employees and lawyers enter in their time based on a client and matter number. So they know which client to bill and for what matter. None of that existed for the Macintosh, OS/2, Linux, Java, etc. So I had to use what Windows had and work with that using MS-Access or MS-SQL Server.

So yeah a Mega65 could be made to use business software if you want someone to write it. I used Visual BASIC, but I am sure that a BASIC or Python language can be ported to the Mega65. We got MySQL and PostgreSQL which can also be ported, etc and used instead of Access or SQL Server, etc.

I have no doubt that Apache2, PHP5, MySQL 5.X can be ported as well and have less exploits than Linux or Windows have.

When GEOS-65 is ported with 28M color support to access the full capabilities of the Mega-65 I am certain that with the 50Mhz 4510 CPU it can run business apps and do everything a 50Mhz 486DX2 DOS/Windows machine could do.

append delete #10. Travis b moore

I wonder if it could do stock investment programs to buy low and sell high through online banking?


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