Userport - 4-Player Adapter?

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Hi there,

since I released a 4-player game for the C64 a few days ago, I am quite curious to know whether the Userport of the MEGA65 will be able to handle the 4-Player Adapter from Protovision as well.

As far as I understood, the userport of the original C65 should be quite compatible with the one of the C64, right? Except for a 9V line, and I am not sure if the 4-Player Adapter makes use of that. My guess would be it's a passive device? But I have no clue about those things...

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We have no reason at this stage to suspect that we won't be able to provide a good user port on the MEGA65.


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or you could invest 1$ more and add the "adapter" to the board :)

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@gpz: in principle a nice idea, but that wouldn't be "original" anymore.
Also since there are not that many 4-Player games for the c64 (paddle games don't count) it would be wasted resources from my point of view.
On top of this comes, that there are several adapters out there:
So which one should be implemented ???

I would say, leave the choice, which 4-Player adapter to use with the user
and that's, why i absolutely prefer, having the Userport working (be 99.9999% c64 compatible), because than i can plug in, whatever was in my c64 before. Centronix interface, 4-Player Adapter, etc., etc.,... .

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there is so much "not original" in the mega65, why would those extra joystick ports matter? :) (and all games support the PTV adapter, the others are not relevant in practise)

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"Doesn't matter" is different from "can't be supported". We're still trying to make as much stuff that people care about work as possible.


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