Update on keyboard input overhaul


Nice! :) Just to be clear for me too :) does it mean that the USB and the "real" (kbd matrix based) keyboard can be (or will be able to) used equally in every aspects (like: the 65xx code, the "overlay-matrix-monitor" etc etc maybe other examples as well)? Also it rises a question in me: if the keyboard handling had to be virtualised anyway at the VHDL level, is there any way to write a program for Mega65 which does not do kbd matrix scanning at all (in the standard way, through CIA ports) but relies on the fact that there is a "scanner" at VHDL level anyway (which may expose the events and/or the actually pressed keys/etc for the "user space"), regardless the user is about typing on an USB keyboard or on a "real" one? This is more about a hardware level question (I'm interested because of Xemu development but also because of M65 software development), since the kbd scan routine by hypervisor call is another planned (?) feature, but I don't mean that now.


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