Tell me more about the floppy drive.

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Can you tell me more about the internal floppy drive. I have a tons of 3.5" HD disk at home from my old pc era, but i know, the original commodore 3.5" drive use DD disks, and if you are using with HD disk the data will loosing so fast.
So bad, the 3.5" DD disk is very rare on the market in this time. What kind of floppy drive would you like to use it? I hope you can do a 100% compatible commodore drive, but i hope can use the hd disk as dd without compromise.
I guess i'm not the only one who would like to use the built in floppy drive.
Thank you!

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append delete #1. PGSmobile

So far we are looking to use 1.44mb drives, which will read the 800kb 1581 disks just fine. This is the only practical approach. Of course, if someone knows where to find a dragon hoard of 1581 compatible mechanisms, we would gladly send a Hobbit to go fetch them.

append delete #2. Scherier

:D thanks

append delete #3. gpz

1581 drives are just regular DD drives, nothing special about them except some twisted cables at the connector

append delete #4. PGSmobile

Our biggest challenge is find a big supply of a single model, as the eject buttons are so variable in size and position.


append delete #5. Caqo

I’d rather just have regular SD slots... like 2, or even 4

append delete #6. gardners

I believe one will be microSD and the other full-size SD, according to our current plans.

append delete #7. Mesh

If you're going for a 2HD drive, does that means it'll support an hypotheticaly new 1600KiB format? that'd be really cool, twice the space for the same price haha

append delete #8. gardners

Yes, 1.6MB CMD2000 format would be possible to support. Would just require someone to modify the C65 ROM to do it. In fact, our interface should also support 2.88MB ED drives, so even the CMD4000 format should be supportable, but the problem then is finding either a drive or an ED disk to use.


append delete #9. Mesh

That's quite exciting, is the M65 able to boot from said drive at startup or is it just like the C64?

Does the rom support reading a boot block? And related to this, is there a possibillity to do track loading like we used to do on the Amiga?

Do you plan on using the various C65 roms as is or do you plan fixes and enhancements?

That's a lot of questions, I'm sorry :)

append delete #10. gardners

Yes, the MEGA65, like a C65, can boot from floppy. Also you can just hit shift-RUN/STOP, and it will boot from floppy (in a different way), because the default device on the C65 is 8, not 1.


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