Switch (S1) and CR2032 battery holder part numbers for the PIC board?

append delete Kuba Tyszko

Hi, I'm getting parts for my DM65PIC board, does anybody have the exact part number for the on/off switch (S1) and the battery holder ?

When I'm done I will share my project on mouser website to make it easier for others.


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Hi Kuba,

sy, i was sick the last couple of days.
It looks like the M.E.G.A Team planned on using a Battery with crimped on holder.
something like this:
I did not find a seperate holder, that would fit. so what i have done, i have bought this holder:
and soldered a wire which has the size of the 2 "+" Pins onto the cut-off original one.
Now i have a holder, that fits perfectly.
It's sad, that we cannot share pictures, otherwise i would have shown you my solution.

And for the switch, i went for an ALPS:
This was the only one, close enough. I had to clip away the 2 pins you normaly use to solder the switchcasing onto the pcb, because they didn't fit, but from switchlogic and the soldergrid it fits.

If you find a better switch, or battery holder let me know. Also, what i didn't find were knobs for the switch....


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