Some Games running on the MEGA65


One more tipp:
The inductor L1 is also not given, after checking back, with the M.E.G.A Team they told me,
that the Filter Conductor they were using is this one: Würth WE-CBF - 742 792 0415

Any more questions, feel free to ask !

And for all the other ones: If you ONLY need to connect a C64 Keyboard and Joysticks,
use the Keyrah v2 board. It should work.
The Main purpose of the Widget board and difference to the Keyrah is, to connect the C65 Keyboard and the Xpansion slot. (I think the Expansion slot implementation was not completed in the software, after MEGA decided to build their own Mega65 mainboard).
So i have built the Widgetboard only because i wanted to connect my original C65 keyboard.


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