SID, SID, SID...or....What is the SID approach for the MEGA65


Hello Gentlemen, the guys in the german Forum64 are discussing the SID implementation
for the MEGA65 and we are interested, what your opinions/goals/approaches are ?

(We have heard, that you're maybe planning to make sockets to place original SIDs in the Mega65, but we came to the point, that again, depending on WHAT SID you would place into the board the result would sound different.SInce even SIDs from the same Revisions sounded different)

So do you try to overcome this known issue, are you planning to implement an fpga soulution ?

Please have a look here :

Or to quickly summarise it, it could be the time to really rebuild the SID for an FPGA and try to overcome the obstacles previous/other projects are having ?!

Thank you !


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