SID, SID, SID...or....What is the SID approach for the MEGA65

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Hello Gentlemen, the guys in the german Forum64 are discussing the SID implementation
for the MEGA65 and we are interested, what your opinions/goals/approaches are ?

(We have heard, that you're maybe planning to make sockets to place original SIDs in the Mega65, but we came to the point, that again, depending on WHAT SID you would place into the board the result would sound different.SInce even SIDs from the same Revisions sounded different)

So do you try to overcome this known issue, are you planning to implement an fpga soulution ?

Please have a look here :

Or to quickly summarise it, it could be the time to really rebuild the SID for an FPGA and try to overcome the obstacles previous/other projects are having ?!

Thank you !

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append delete #1. Solei

I recall Gardners writing somewhere that there's gonna be two softSIDs and two DACs internally in the FPGA for samples, and 2 physical sockets on the motherboard for real SID chips for a total of 12 voices simultaneously.

The mega65 page only mentions 'Dual soft-SIDs + dual 8-bit DACs' though.

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Due to possible shortage of real sid chips, the swinsid nano could work just fine for this, since it is made as a drop-in replacement for the old chips - and the sound quality of them is more uniform.

The swinsids do have some problems with a specific tracker - but that can be fixed.

append delete #2. gardners


We do plan to have sockets for real SIDs for those who want to use them, and let people put what they want in there, although we might be able to source SIDs to pre-populate the boards (and have a good lead on doing this).

We do already include the best VHDL SID implementation that I could find, and which includes a digital implementation of the filters.

Sorry, I've been too flat out lately to lurk on, so please feel free to cross-post my comments there und bitte entschuldige mich, dass ich nicht oft da bin.


append delete #3. adtbm

Hi Paul,

thanks for the answer, i am crossposting allready, to try to spread the information everywhere as good as possible.

I think there is a project ongoing called fpgaSID and lately they are doing pretty good progress.
In the link above you will find further information.
From what i have seen, it is open source and he is currently getting good along with the filter implamantation.
Andi6510 is one of the gents behind it:

It might be worth contacting him...

append delete #4. LoveMega65

If there is the fpgaSID core or softSID build in the core of the mega65 itself then I will be content with that. I will not bother use the real SID for myself. :)

append delete #5. Solei

Well, 12 voices simultaneously and DACs could bring an interesting dimension to sid music - and i bet composers will like it.
There's even a soundcard with 4 sids for pc - Hardsid Quattro ;)

append delete #6. LoveMega65

Where can I buy HardSID

append delete #7. Solei

Apparently the Quattro pci is not made anymore, and the webpage is gone - so your best chance is to keep an eye on various retro sale threads.

There is also a usb version of the soundcard.

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append delete #9. Meshuggah333

Something I thought about : what about the power supply for the real SIDs? different SIDs take different levels, as it been taken into account?
Looking at the SwinSID ultimate, it seems close to perfection. I'd gladly have that to populate the 2 real SID ports by default :D

append delete #10. Clay

Robert Yannes intended the original SID to have 32 voices, it would be amazing if the mulitplexing could be added in software to allow this.


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