Serial port?

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Is a serial port on the road map? A standard DB9 serial port would instantly add MIDI output capability. Controlling an old school Roland Sound Canvas with a crazy powerful 8 bit machine sounds like instant awesomeness to me :D

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Yes, we are intending to implement the C65’s serial port that shares pins on the User port, but is a real UART. From memory, it explicitly supports MIDI baud rates.


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So that means homemade User port cable to serial/MIDI, that fine by me :)

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Maybe I misunderstood you, that means a real serial port sharing pins with the user port??

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Yes, that is our current expectation, that we will implement the C65 UART, the same way the C65 did: When you set the registers to turn the UART on, it takes control of several pins that are normally controlled by the CIAs on the user port.

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Nice, are the level TTL or standard serial? Or will it need something like a MAX232 to connect to standard serial peripheral?

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I believe the C65 specifies it to be 5V TTL.

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So it won't be as easy as I thought it would haha. No big deal.


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