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RE[2]: RAM

Freddy Champagne

Inside CPU:

o Memory Mapper supporting up to 1 Megabyte address space

o Memory

o RAM -- 128K bytes (DRAM)
Externally expandable from additional 512K bytes to 4MB
using dedicated RAM expansion port.
o DMA -- Custom DMAgic controller chip built-in
Absolute address access to entire 8MB system map
including I/O devices, both ROM & RAM expansion ports.
List-based DMA structures can be chained together
Copy (up,down,invert), Fill, Swap, Mix (boolean Minterms)
Hold, Modulus (window), Interrupt, and Resume modes,
Block operations from 1 byte to 64K bytes
DRQ handshaking for I/O devices
Built-in support for (optional) expansion RAM controller

Altough I myself would already be very happy with 1MB. The 4 and 8MB 'option' would probably only be used as ramdisk.
I guess the DMAgic was planed to quicly move fetch and stash between the 1MB MMU memory and the external RAM trough the ram expansion port.
Similar as the DMA-chip in the Ram expantion did on the c128?

Puh. nach langem suchen wieder gefunden:

@ Highlander: The Hardware of the C65 was finished, but not all Basic- commands implemented in the latest Version of Basic V10 (as far as I know there should be commands like draw "circle" and other useful commands. Are you planning to implement the missing Basic V10 - commands? I think, that a 100%- working Basic V10, as planned from Commodore, would be perfekt, because with an easy to use Basic there will be more programmers for the C65. And just think about it: The first Commodore with a viable Basic...

Das letzte C65 ROM hatte alle BASIC commands, einschließlich CIRCLE etc, so kein Problem.
[The last C65 ROM has all BASIC commands, including CIRCLE etc, so no problem.]

Das wurde am 28 April 2015 von Paul so gepostet im

(sorry for the german, but in this world we all need to be multilanguaged ;) [Basic 2.0/7.0/10 % 6502+ ASM] ;-)

:: @Freddy Champagne added on 28 Apr ’18 · 00:05



:: @Freddy Champagne added on 28 Apr ’18 · 00:21

I just looked up the supposedly unfinished Basic commands: I read, that the following commands are not impolemented in all known Basic V10- Roms of the C65:

They all should give an "?COMMAND NOT IMPLEMENTED ERROR".

Is that right or is there really a finished Version available?

That last ROM had those functions implemented. Wikipedia is wrong.


(on April 29, 2015)

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