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Hi, I was just wondering... when do you think the mega65 will be available for sale, and how much do you think it will cost?

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I think it is a bit early to tell.

But to get an idea of a possible pricetag - take a look at the Spectrum Next sold here:

- £210 for the machine ex VAT for the Spectrum Next.
(Not at cost, sold with a 20% margin on top)

My guess is the price for the Mega65 will be the price of the spec next - and then some.
(due to a larger FPGA and more materials used, because the mega65 will be physically larger in size too.

append delete #2. Betzelel

Dude that's awesome. I would love to get one of those. I have been looking across the web for a while on retro computer sites. So far the mega65 looks the most promising for a C64 clone. I look forward to buying one.


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