Prototype PCB!


Read on the blog about the MEGAphone using the Trenz TE0725 FPGA module instead of FPGA soldered to PCB, which sounds like a good idea. Is this approach considered for the regular Mega65 as well? Would that not allow the main PCB to be double sided and much cheaper? Then it would be a no-brainer to include the dual SID sockets (with 9/12v jumpers) which I think should be default on any remake.. A/Ds inserting the SIDs audio into HDMI stream is even better. At one point it was mentioned that there might be a source for NOS SID chips for the Mega65, is this still the case?

It is very cool that you guys are creating a complete package, very interesting to read about the progress and challenges, just concerned that it is turning into a more hands off sealed box, instead of hardware to tinker with, internal headers/sockets (or solder points) etc that's part of the fun.

Is the original Nexys4 FPGA board the elephant in the room? Is it adding extra complexity and raising the price? Would a cheaper FPGA with less pins (even QFP for serviceability) with external RAM be a simpler and quicker hardware solution with the decoupled core? I guess BGA on a module would at least keep rest of system simpler.

Not to detract too much from this thread, but is the core being tested with C64 demos to ensure VIC-II (timing) compatibility?


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