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Really like the look of the Mega65, and the prototype looks great. But there doesn't seem to be much info on the status of the project (unless I'm going blind)

Does work still need to be done on finalising the hardware? or is it ready for mass production?


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append delete #1. Solei

I second this.

Status updates more often would be good - eventually with a roadmap or a to do list.

append delete #2. kerunaru

+1 to this, please…

append delete #3. gardners

We are continuing to work on it :)

The reality is that we are a bunch of volunteers working in our spare time, which is limited.

Volunteers helping out with some tasks would be a great help, as would further donations that can allow us to spend less time worrying about how we might do some task, rather than just paying to get it done.

Right now, I am working on adding support for 6502 illegal-opcodes, which is quite important.

I'm also finally finding some time to stick my head in here in the forums, to answer some of your questions ;)


append delete #4. ADFichera

How close are we to Initial Product Delivery/Shipping?

append delete #5. gardners mobile

As a volunteer project it is impossible to give any fixed dates. if you want it faster you can always volunteer and/or donate to help speed us along.

append delete #6. ADFichera

Do you have a Target Price Idea for the finished computer. I know its to early for an actual price as there are probably a lot of variables still to be worked out. But a target you are shooting for?

append delete #7. gardners

We still have no firm idea of what the final price will be. We will naturally tell people when we have an idea of this. Major unknowns include the final cost of getting the injection-moulding tools made, and the cost of the PCB and components. We are steadily working our way through these things, of course.


append delete #8. ZeHa

Just wanted to ask, is there any news on the project coming soon? The last blog entry is now 2 months old, of course I don't want to complain or force anyone to write something :D but I'm always happy to read news about the MEGA65, so I'm curious if there's something new to know about ;)

append delete #9. gardners

It has been a VERY busy patch for most of us lately. Work is continuing in the background as fast as we are able. Hopefully we will have some visible updates on the blog soon.


append delete #10. Deft


as pointed out on we currently focus on finishing the machine rather than putting too much time into chatting :P

Anyways: Hardware is coming along very nicely, 1st bunch of mainboards is expected in October. We will be giving away 4 or 5 for free to people that help finishing crucial things (which are atm mostly VHDL related).

We still could need help on the FPGA side: Enhancing C64 compatibility, fixing some bugs or porting other machines (AMIGAAAAAA!?) to Artix7 / our own boards.


append delete #11. Solei

*shameless thread bump*

The noise the crickets makes here is deafening ;p

Maybe someone in the know could chime in for a little late summer status update.

append delete #12. Betzelel

Have you guys ever thought about running a crowd funding page for the mega65? I think that it might help to give you guys some of the extra funding you need. From the looks of things, it seems like you all have a great start to cool project. I bet when it goes into production there are tons of people who would want to buy one. Also I was wondering, how does this system relate to the original Commodore 64/128 copy right and patent wise? I assume that everything is all original to the project? I would really really love to see this product hit the stores.

append delete #13. gardners

We have thought about crowd funding, and will likely do something at the right moment. There are a few things we want to get settled, first, however.

In terms of patents, that is no problem, as the C64 and C128 are more than 20 years old. Copyright of ROMs is a different story, and we will be arranging something for that.

append delete #14. gururise

Really excited about the MEGA65. I was at last years Chaos Convention and saw a live working demo there. Excited about the possibility of the MEGA65 to be a useful and modern 8-bit machine. Being able to use the Commodore name would be cool too!

append delete #15. PGSmobile

We agree :)

append delete #16. mozartpc27

Am really getting excited for this machine. What are the odds it will be available for purchase in calendar year 2018?

append delete #17. PGSmobile

Uncertain, but we are aiming to release as soon as possible, of course. A lot will depend on how the southern summer pans out in terms of how much I get done during the long holiday.

append delete #18. deft

20 Developer / Press versions will be built in 2018 - we have high hopes on this. The puzzle is complete, we found super motivated suppliers for all components. Expect an update of the mega65 page soon!

append delete #19. deft

oh, of course we are aiming to sell more than 20. Preorders will be open once or soon after those hit the street. Further timing will most probably depend on the number of preorders. Thanks for not giving up on us! :)

append delete #20. LoveMega65

I have only one question to ask. Will the final release to public be ASIC or fpga still? Are there plan in future to have a full functioning custom motherboard and all ASIC and have VIC chip set separately, SID chip set separately and CPU chip set separately and disk controller chip set separately and so on separately?

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append delete #22. gardners

@LoveMega65 we would love to be able to offer separate ICs, and as ASICs instead of FPGAs. However, the cost to do that these days is completely insane. I would estimate a cost of about 10 million US dollars to do that.



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