Problems + workarounds with the current (2019-04-23) mega65-core


Well, really we should just try to move away from Ophis to ca65 or another more supported assembler.

monitor_mem.v should get built by some other step in the Makefile. Yes, here is the rule:

$(VERILOGSRCDIR)/monitor_mem.v: $(TOOLDIR)/mempacker/mempacker_v $(BINDIR)/monitor.m65
$(TOOLDIR)/mempacker/mempacker_v -n monitormem -w 12 -s 4096 -f $(VERILOGSRCDIR)/monitor_mem.v $(BINDIR)/monitor.m65@0000

Try making the file explicitly, and tell me if you get an error.

I'll take a look at the pull request -- thanks for that.



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