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Hello Guys

First thing to say.........This is an Awesome project!!!

But when can we pre order the Mega65???
So you have a rough estimate how much units you can sell.


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append delete #1. Orion Blastar

I think I remember somewhere they had a talk about 199 Euros and based it on the Sinclair ZX Rainbow project that did the same things.

I'm in the USA and I don't know who is set up to sell the Mega65 in the USA. Maybe they can make a deal with Microcenter like Apple and the Raspberry PI people did?

append delete #2. Orion Blastar

Hmm, I remember the Commodore 64 sold for like $100 and the 1541 Floppy drive for $100 in the 1990s in the USA. About $200 or more after tax. The Mega65 is like a Commodore 65 and 1581 drive combined, so it costs about $233.96 based on the 199 Euro estimation.

Yeah, I know you can get a cheap used Windows 7 PC for $150 with monitor and just run the VICE emulator to play C64 games, but you are not getting the full experience of a Mega65 and Floppy Drive and the Commodore keyboard look and feel.


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