Planned M65 production target

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I wonder how many MEGA65 computers are planned to produce? To get a lot of developers a lot of systems are needed. Will it be more like 1,000 pieces or more like 50,000 or even more?

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We'd love to produce as many as we can :) This depends on the market interest, and the price that we can achieve, of course. Also, a key driver will be the documentation, tools and software available. This is why we keep encouraging folks to start working with the emulator now, and to help contribute to the documentation. I really can't emphasise how much of a difference this will make to the success of the MEGA65.


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Is the company where you are producing the M65 capable of making e.g. 50,000 units?

append delete #3. gardners

If we got 50,000 orders we would work with appropriate scale of manufacturers. However, we don't expect this to be the case, at least initially. Of course, we would love to be proven wrong :)

append delete #4. joan Carles

Is there a date for the pre purchase or reservation?

append delete #5. gardners

Not yet. We will be sure to let everyone know here, on facebook, blog and website when we are ready to take orders or reservations.


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append delete #7. gpz

The best way to make them produce 50000 units is to place an order of 50000 units :)

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That's the easy part, the hard is to pay for that order ;-P


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