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RE[41]: OS choices

Freddy Champagne

what he means is "someone else will write the software i am dreaming about"

It's not me who started.

And yes I did some programing too, but that's so long ago and not that mighty and well known piece of software. It was a program for calculating lengt of pipes in so called '3-D etages'. first version in Casio-Basic on a handheld, portet to to OPL on Psion S3, and later on ported to GFA-Basic (for Windows).

And I know for sure who you are, I use xemu, but I guess I should use the c65 part of your emu. I still read a lot of info about the c65 and it still overwelming me. I see the capabilities of the system, And yes, I know it will not attract much people, but hey dreaming and hoping is allowed, or not?

Also in my age it's too late to really dig into serious programming. Partly also due because not that much time left. And I have to do my other 'hobies' too: A garden of 2000m² must be cultivated and I'm building alternatives for energy (solar & wind power) as also micro-water 'powerstations'. Setup a biological grey-water cleaning (coz ma house has no connection to fresh water and grey-water pipes). I buyed a tiny house in Transylvania in a very little village (~150 people) for living the rest of my life.

I still hope there will be enough people interesting in buying this babe, so the 'masses' would reduce the costs and make it affordable. I also know that the MEGA65 will never really compete to systems like p.E. Raspbery Pi. But as long as old c64/geos users exist, it is an option to look at.

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