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RE[29]: OS choices

Freddy Champagne

It might be funny in your eyes, but I as a user (not programmer, neither system designer but USER) I know what a user need. Programmers and designers build stuff and sometimes they build stuff no one really asked for.
Of course the ability to run c64 software is nice to have, but it is not the target for the c65. It never was the goal. The target is c65 (M65) and not c64. If the target were c64 you would build another Chamelean or Ultimate or Reloaded.

I see a machine who does well fits MY needs as a user, and that's all I said here. I want to drive a Golf and not a Porsche.

Again for talking the 80ies. A Golf 1 evolved to a Golf 5 or 6 or 7, but is still a Golf.
Why is this not true in computing world? Why does it need to have 8gig at least and a quad-core? I can remember using GeoWorks Ensemble, and it was great. I do not really need Win10 or the huge modern Linux-Distros. It only happens that programmers and system designers does not optimize the old systems, they alway blow up things in such a way that users can't no more master their tools.
Look @ the millions of Windows or MacOS users. They can not secure their OSses against virus or sniffing companies. You tell me that we have 32 and 64bit systems nowedays, and I tell you we (the users) don't need them. We are happy with well done 8-bit. When I was younger I followed like many others. But now being a little bit older, I know it is wrong. It has a little bit to do with "The world has enough for everybody" (<- 8-bit) and "Everybody can become millionaires [but not all of them @ the same time]" (<- 32/64-bit).

I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.
The Mega65 looks like a machine who is powerful enough to be used with some kind of modern user interface. And yes, we should still be able to go into ROM-BASIC.
Look at those modern machines: Where do you see "Go Basic" in Windows, or MacOS. I mean by default. the last OS with basic included was MS-DOS 6.22. Since then M$ think users don't need it.

@gpz: of course c64 is important, but it is not the reason for M65, it's an ad-on, or do you really want the M65 being misused like the c128?

:: @Freddy Champagne added on 22 May ’18 · 19:33

Also think about it: the users are mainly users and not programmers.
Again explained with cars: the most users are drive4rs, not mechanicians.
I guess that makes clear what I'm talking about.

Btw.: Cars are made for drivers, not for mechanicians. ;-)

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