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Actually I am a member of the M65 team, and I either don't get money for that, indeed. So no need to explain the situation and the goal of the project too much, I guess. Also I am quite OK to know what GPL and LGPL is, as an author of some GPL licensed software (btw including Xemu which aims to emulate Mega65 and C65 too, among others, like Commodore LCD, that is in fact the world first Commodore LCD emulator ever), also a project member of a quite big GPL licensed software in back (MPlayer) which according to the's statistics, it was in the first 2 or 4 (I can't remember now) top open source projects for some time. I guess you misunderstand my point (and from typical internet usage things I told is because I am quite capable to see the average needs as working for ISP as Internet System Engineer, UNIX engineer and also software developer over time). I haven't got problem with GPL, open source, M65 or anything. It's not like that. But anyway, it's more like a flame now, so time to quit, I have no intent for that at all. Hope for the best, and friendly regards.


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