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Freddy Champagne

@gpz: not really. most software I'm dreaming of already exist.
@LGB I did not wrote 'average' user. I simply wrote user. And no. Not everybody need WWW. Internet is not only WWW. I for sure don't need WWW, I only need Mail, FTP and maybe SSH, but WWW is absolutely not needed, and there's always the possibility to use a browser like Lynx or the like.

Also I did explicitely not ask for a multitask-os. Looks like many of you can only imagine computing when connected to the net.

As said in other postings: I'm interested in dual-sid and the capabilities of VIC III/IV. And of course in the way the MMU and DMAgic is implemented. Also I can imagine that what I need will be sooner available as some might think.

Oh, btw. I know very well SymbOS, I 'use' it on my Phillips NMS 8280. But in my opinion that's more a proof of concept than a real usable day to day system.
Just like you said: for 'serious' work I use also a Raspberry Pi 3+ with Q4-OS.
If it where only for nostalgia, I could use RetroPie.
And using a computer is (for me) not necessary to be able to watch YouTube.
Oh, and again @ gpz: I find it very annoying that you meant users may not express their wishes if they are not able to program themselves. I don't expect you to repair your broken pipes, heating system or other wellness infrastructure, because that is my job. If you are a programmer, then it is your job to program, but it's not your job to blame non-programmers, like I do not blame you not being able to repair pipes and heaters.


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