OS choices


I wonder what the OS choices will be on the machine, as there's a crazy amount of little OSs on the C64/128 that would be pretty useful on the Mega65.
The default OS is of concern as currently it seems to be one of the beta C65 ROM that goes straight to basic.
A simple bash like CLI with an underlying DOS would make a great OS replacement as I don't see how we would manage to get rights to the C65 ROM to make that default with a commercial version of the machine.
Digging around I've found LUnix ( that would be very nice to start with (and as been worked on by our very own Mister Gardners in the past hehe). It got everything needed for a retro modern CLI OS feel including a TCP/IP stack (that means the possibility of creating direct downloads of programs without using a PC, it would still need a service of some kind to be written)
It would need to be updated to give access to the M65 specific devices, memory model, and hardware. But it seems to be a very good base.
I'm talking out of my *** here, but my concern is valid I think.


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