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I wonder what the OS choices will be on the machine, as there's a crazy amount of little OSs on the C64/128 that would be pretty useful on the Mega65.
The default OS is of concern as currently it seems to be one of the beta C65 ROM that goes straight to basic.
A simple bash like CLI with an underlying DOS would make a great OS replacement as I don't see how we would manage to get rights to the C65 ROM to make that default with a commercial version of the machine.
Digging around I've found LUnix ( that would be very nice to start with (and as been worked on by our very own Mister Gardners in the past hehe). It got everything needed for a retro modern CLI OS feel including a TCP/IP stack (that means the possibility of creating direct downloads of programs without using a PC, it would still need a service of some kind to be written)
It would need to be updated to give access to the M65 specific devices, memory model, and hardware. But it seems to be a very good base.
I'm talking out of my *** here, but my concern is valid I think.

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lng is actually kinda limited, and the code is a horrible unmaintainable mess that requires obscure custom tools to even build it - which is why noone touched it in the past years :=P

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Yeah. Good luck with that.
I've been punished enough for daring to suggest a version of python for the project.
IMHO, "the scene" wants a semi-functional cosmetic replica of the prototypes that commodore abandoned, solely and only for the purpose of running the C=65 ROM.

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We think that we can get the licensing sorted out for the C65 ROM, and that is what it will initially ship with.

I'd also like to resurrect LUnix on the MEGA65 sometime, as much for the fun as anything. Although it does have some cool ideas for relocatable code etc. I did have it working on my real C65, so this shouldn't be too hard to do.

However, of course, we would like other options for people who want it.

While GEOS doesn't yet work, we would of course love to make a MEGA65 version of GEOS, possibly based on the C128 version, so that 640 pixels wide is a possibility.

One OS is being made with MEGA65 support directly in mind:

Then there are projects like:


Also, the MEGA65 Hypervisor already has a very minimal VFAT32 implementation in 6502, and it will offer trap calls to access this. So one could build a very simple shell onto that as well, for a poor-man's operating system.


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Thx for the insight.
Those little OSs seems interesting, I quite like the ideas behind ACE.
If I had to spec an OS for the M65 I'd go with something like an Oberon style UI on top of LUnix. That would be retro enough for me :D
Will the C65 ROM be modified in any way? (Would it says C65 dev system blabla or have something more in line with the M65 project?)

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I would prefer "theace" as an (optional) OS for the MEGA65.
As far as I can see, this is exactly an "OS" with GUI, that I wished for an 8-bitter-Computer :)
If it actually contains an IDE for Assembler and Basic, then this OS should be the quasti standard.

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Then again, there is always AROS ("Amiga Research Operating System", later renamed to "AROS Research Operating System") - a source code-level compatible clone of AmigaOS 3.1 that really, thanks to the super-efficient resource management of AmigaOS - flies on modern hardware.

For anyone not in the know, here's the official homepage:

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FUZIX is a fusion of various elements from the assorted UZI forks and branches beaten together into some kind of semi-coherent platform and then extended from V7 to somewhere in the SYS3 to SYS5.x world with bits of POSIX thrown in for good measure. Various learnings and tricks from ELKS and from OMU also got blended in...

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Contiki wasn't really that nice, last time I looked. Powerful in theory, but not nice.

I have been tracking FUZIX as well, which looks a bit interesting.

We'll see what people port, once the MEGA65 is stable.


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