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There is something that I stumbled over today.

Is the Mega65 an NTSC or a PAL machine, or can it run both?
I'm not thinking about the video-output, but the differences like frames per second, lines per frame and cpu cycles per line.

If it can run both, how is decided which mode is active?


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I mean this is very old feature of computers TV output or composite video, S-Video similar.
VGA output of M65 missing this, or can be forgotten - resolution 1920x1200 has correct scanlines all time, scanlines are used in CRT monitors...
If will be later used CVBS or SVHS it will be needed, but looking at resolution up to 720x576 PAL or 720x480 NTSC is sadly lores.


append delete #2. SvOlli

This is not about the output, but about the timing:

frames per second: 50 on PAL, 60 on NTSC
C64 cycles per line: 63 on PAL, 65 on NTSC
VIC-II total lines: 312 on PAL, 263 on NTSC

When you're coding effects that are close to the hardware, you can't just switch from one system to the other. E.g. almost all demos for the C64 run on PAL hardware only.

append delete #3. SvOlli

P.S.: the Mega65 claims to be (at least almost) 100% C65 compatible. Since a PAL C65 is not 100% compatible to an NTSC C65, I'm asking: which one?

append delete #4. Deft

At the moment we have the wonderful combination of a PAL C64 running in 60 Hz :) As timings will change and we are moving towards exact cycles everything is in change anyways.

#5. Deft

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Do you have PAL 50Hz yet? It will need to be 50Hz to run demos properly.

append delete #7. gardners

Not yet, but it is still on our list for when we move from 1200p60 to 1080p50.


append delete #8. Travis B Moore

With newer wide screen tv's led, plasma, liquid crystal out now will it still work by Audio visual cable or will you try a HDMI adapter?

append delete #9. gardners

We are planning to support both VGA and HDMI. Currently VGA + audio cables only. 800x600 at 50Hz or 60Hz, depending on whether you want PAL or NTSC mode.


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