No Blinking Cursor

append delete Rolf Hass

Finally got my nexys 4 board running using the Stream from last October. Booting looks normal but there is no cursor. I didn't connect a keyboard yet, my wireless ones didn't seem to work. Or maybe Else is still wrong.

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append delete #1. Kuba Tyszko

Can't comment about cursor but as for keyboard - forget about wireless. See my posts from a few days ago about my experience with keyboards.
In general - cheap but not the cheapest should do - and ideally without any extra features like multimedia keys etc. definitely no USB hubs.

append delete #2. dropnine

My two cents:

I use a Keyrah v2 with an old C64c keyboard. Works and is mapped perfectly. I haven't tried the cheaper keyboard adapter from Retro Innovations, but I'd assume they'd work the same.


append delete #3. Rolf Hass

Thank, I will try the keyrah option. Great idea.


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