N-key rollover mode?

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A simple question : Will there be a N-key rollover mode for the keyboard?
It seems the 65 has the same limitation in term of rollover as the 64, that is 3 keys pressed at once which is severely limiting for gaming/tools (like trackers). So having an optional N-key rollover mode would be great. (That would mean, of course, an unlock sequence or specific register and a different reading routine than standard keyboard mode)

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its not "3 keys" - its related to how the keyboard matrix works. depending on what keys you press at once you will get a shortcut in the matrix which produces so called "ghost keys". it cant really be fixed either for that matter (except by changing how the keyboard works, making it incompatible to the original, and perhaps requiring new software too)

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I know it's not really 3 keys but it's the maximum you can get reliably without ghosting (as I've read). I'm perfectly aware a N-key rollover mode would only work for new software but that would be a very nice addition IMHO.
Having a different set of registers for such mode would be very nice as it wouldn't interfere with normal operation.

append delete #3. gpz

even 3 keys cant be detected reliably in all cases :)

append delete #4. Meshuggah333

haha, that makes what I ask for even more relevant :D

append delete #5. gardners

I can't remember what our current thinking on this is, whether we are aiming for a 100% exact C65 keyboard (with matrix collision problems), or to add diodes so that matrix collision can be completely avoided.

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Fingers crossed then :)


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