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I've followed the instructions (best I can, I run Linux Mint), to create my FAT32 SD card, but whilst it detects the card, it doesn't mount the partition. I'm running CURSOR.42250BE+DIRTY.1007-1332

Any ideas?

I saw on Gardner's blog that there's an FDISK/FORMAT tool. Is this present in the bitstream I have? If so, how can I access it?


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The fdisk/format tool currently exists as a separate tool, and is not just yet integrated into kickstart.

However, in the meantime, we may still be able to help you. First, what capacity is your SD card? >2GB or 2GB or smaller, i.e., is it SD or SD HC? We still have problems with SD HC cards.

Otherwise, what operating systems do you have available for formatting the card?


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It's a 4GB, and I'm pretty sure it's a normal SD card rather than SDHC. I'll double check that though.
I can borrow a Windows 7 laptop, so that's another thing I can try. Not sure I'll get chance until Thursday now, but we'll see.


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My bad, it is an SDHC. Well have to order a new card


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