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RE[3]: Monted 00 Partitions

Ralph Egas

Hmm, so much for looking forward to getting things fixed with just a proper SD ;)

As far as I've read you don't need the CHARROM.G65 as a replacement character set is installed as part of the binary distro (the .bin file).

That leaves the C65GS.ROM. Yeah, I got a series of rom files from the same url as specified in your e-mail. You're saying you tested all of them? A convenient way to test all of them kind of at once is by having C65GS1.ROM, C65GS2.ROM and so forth and booting while holding down corresponding numeric keys on your USB keyboard. At least, that's what I've read and would try myself once I have a proper SD card.

Maybe Deft (other thread) will know what to do next?


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