Metal Dust?


Metal Dust is written for 65K CPU 65816 and GS4510 cannot run it for different instruction set and architecture. Even 65816 can run in 16-bit mode, I don't know if uses this too, but look on 65CE02 and 65816 opcode table, you'll see, even when you look at registers and other features you'll know why cannot run. So, if you try any accelerator maybe faster and more RAM available than SCPU - if is based on other CPU, maybe can be from 65K family, but incompatible...
This was reason why I asked if will M65 support SCPU and/or Z80 (core is available) - you see now that I'm SCPU for its 16-bit mode and features, not as accelerator, Z80 could be eZ80 which is many faster than Standard Z80...


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