Metal Dust?

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Would it be possible to play the SuperCPU game Metal Dust on a stock Mega65?

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append delete #1. Solei

The Mega65 is more than powerful enough to be able to run Metal dust.

The only question that remain is that since Metaldust is coded to make use of the superCPU accelerator, does that non-standard piece of hardware have any special routines needed by the game, that isn't available on the mega65?

I would like to see that game run on the mega65 too, and i am pretty sure that both Deft and Gardners can confirm or deny this.

append delete #2. gardners

It is quite likely that Metal Dust uses 65816 instructions etc. It also requires 4MB RAM, which by default the MEGA65 doesn't have. Basically it is VERY unlikely to work today. Someone can work on porting it, if they like, of course.

append delete #3. gpz

it uses 65816 code and other scpu features extensively - and noone except chester himself would be able to port it, of course :)

append delete #4. MIRKOSOFT

Metal Dust is written for 65K CPU 65816 and GS4510 cannot run it for different instruction set and architecture. Even 65816 can run in 16-bit mode, I don't know if uses this too, but look on 65CE02 and 65816 opcode table, you'll see, even when you look at registers and other features you'll know why cannot run. So, if you try any accelerator maybe faster and more RAM available than SCPU - if is based on other CPU, maybe can be from 65K family, but incompatible...
This was reason why I asked if will M65 support SCPU and/or Z80 (core is available) - you see now that I'm SCPU for its 16-bit mode and features, not as accelerator, Z80 could be eZ80 which is many faster than Standard Z80...

append delete #5. Deft

Personally I not only would love to see METAL DUST on the MEGA65, I would even try to license it and ship it with the machines. But that would require someone to dig really deep into the conversion part and require our mainboards which will come with enough RAM. Any volunteers?? Anyone close to Chester maybe? :)

append delete #6. gpz

i somehow doubt that would happen... last time i asked chester couldnt even tell what the latest sources are.... and metaldust is more of a tech demo than a good game anyway :)

append delete #7. LGB

Just a thought, that even for unexpanded VIC-20 (with hmm something like 5K of RAM in total? and no "real" gfx mode, no sprites ...) with all the limitations, a quite good game (well compared to its capabilities) can be written: Now I can imagine what can be possible with an M65 with exploiting everything it has :-D

append delete #8. SvOlli

@LGB: as you can see from the kernal message, it is not unexpanded, but seems to be maxed out.

I've been digging through the docs of both 65816 and 4510. If the 16 bit features of the SuperCPUs 65816 are used, porting would be rather a rewrite. The 65816 is capable of way more stuff, where as the 4510 is slightly faster running 65sc02 code (the codeset both CPUs can execute).

And to be honest: if I would have to design a computer state at '91 and had to choose one of the 6502 descendants, it would have been the 65816. 4510 would have come in second.

append delete #9. gpz

svolli: pulse runs on unexpanded VIC20 :)

append delete #10. LGB

@SvOlli: it runs on unexpanded machine as well, just this video was not done on that :) I know because I wrote some VIC-20 emulator, and tested with the unexpanded configuration as well. With various memory expansion configurations it gives more and more extra though, that's true, but not so much in-game, as far as I remember (just title screen, etc, things like that).


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