MegaPhone & Mega65 Pi


Hello !

I have question and proposition..

Firstly i Would thank to whole Mega65 Team for a great job ! It is true Mega Job what You are doing for all Commodore community giving us /in future/ a possibilty to have true and better new Commodore 8-bit-line computer :D !

I would ask about possibilites of MegaPhone to connecting it to TV/Monitor by HDMI, and standard keyboard by USB - to get a small Mega65 computer..

..and what about to make a somthing like Raspberry Pi but based on little Mega65 motherboard ? Mega65 surely will be expensive, Mega65 Pi could be interesting proposition for all less prosperous C= fanatics :)

It will be grat to have true Commodore answer to Raspberry Pi - for masses not for classes ;)

Greetings ! MegaCommodore Rulezzz !


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