MegaPhone & Mega65 Pi

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Hello !

I have question and proposition..

Firstly i Would thank to whole Mega65 Team for a great job ! It is true Mega Job what You are doing for all Commodore community giving us /in future/ a possibilty to have true and better new Commodore 8-bit-line computer :D !

I would ask about possibilites of MegaPhone to connecting it to TV/Monitor by HDMI, and standard keyboard by USB - to get a small Mega65 computer..

..and what about to make a somthing like Raspberry Pi but based on little Mega65 motherboard ? Mega65 surely will be expensive, Mega65 Pi could be interesting proposition for all less prosperous C= fanatics :)

It will be grat to have true Commodore answer to Raspberry Pi - for masses not for classes ;)

Greetings ! MegaCommodore Rulezzz !

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Thanks for the words of encouragement :)

On the "pi" concept, the solutions here are either the nexys4 board or the tiny trenz board with the same FPGA. It will need a daughter board for the VGA out etc, which someone will need to design. Better to wait until we know the price for the m65 though, as it will be such a nicer experience than a bare FPGA board.

For the megaphone, it will have at least VGA out, so you could put an adapter on for HDMI. You will also have the on screen keyboard, but no plans for USB keyboard. But again someone could make an adapter that would go on the joystick port to talk to a USB keyboard.



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