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append delete Freddy Champagne

I thought it could be good news for someone :-D

:: @Freddy Champagne added on 12 May ’18 · 23:30

Would be nice if someone could adapt/include the mnemonics for thew 4510 into the system.

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append delete #1. Pusti64

MegaAss V3.x it's a GEOS-Application ;-)


append delete #2. gpz

i am waiting for the first post to say "i am going to do...." instead of "someone should do..." :)

append delete #3. gardners

@gpz: Yes, that is always nicer to hear :) We'll see. In the meantime, we keep doing what we can.

We have done some work on a native MEGA65 IDE, but it is far from finished. It is close to working as a nice multi-window multi-file text editor, though.

append delete #4. TBM

The Mega 65 is a nify computer for 1990 or the 1980s. But I see the make post and videos and they made a C64 laptop. This could be note booked in a single small chip or AIC (all in one chip) that could be designed to be low power and run off a couple of rechargeable c batteries or just a large lithium polymer cell build into the monitor section. With USB peripherals and add on slots and upgrade expansions like a apple crossed with an Amiga. Sorry for spamming. As for the os maybe a linux distro could work. Some take up 50 mb though I guess the older os's of the 80 took up as little as a few to twenty megabytes. MS-dos was about a disk or two or one two sided floppy maybe.

append delete #5. zzarko

@TBM: For that needs, why not just use some second-hand netbook with Linux distro? I guess Mega65 crew has more than enough on their plate with just the current goals...

append delete #6. Travis

True linux does have some C compilers that can program Z-80 and other microprocessors and programming for older machines to generate programs. You can write most anything on Linux an port it over to something I guess.


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