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RE[1]: mega65 wiki?


I'm having a tinker with my nexys board this weekend, so my itch to have existing documentation/info in wiki-form grew (it's just become a habit for me to keep docs in wikis, so I get a bit lost without it now).

I thought I'd install a wiki on my own server-space, just to draft out the idea, and demonstrate its merits.

If over time, people here get won over by the idea, then you're welcome to push the wiki's contents to your own preferred server.

If on the other hand, people don't take a liking to it, or if it rubs the powers that be the wrong way and they prefer their own path with these documentation matters, no worries, let me know and I'll take it down.

Just to kick it off, I focused on wiki-fying Ralph's "MEGA65 Prerelease Starter’s Manual" document.

The first saved revision was of his original v0.1 document.

In the 2nd saved revision, I updated it with Deft's v0.3 document from google docs.

The nice thing about wikis is that you can browse through the edit history of a document, and even do a diff between two versions of the document. Take a look at this link:

If you were to tick the checkbox for each version and then click the "Show differences between selected revisions" button, you will get a nice side-by-side diff, informing you of the changes between v0.1 and v0.3 (green highlights for additions, red highlights for deletions).

Presently, the wiki is open for anyone to register via the "Register" link in the top-right. Register your details and you'll then be emailed a password to log-in and will be able to make edits to existing pages and make new pages.

You're welcome to give it a test-drive if you like, or just keep tabs on it once in a while to see how it fares (I'm happy to be the sole editor for a while, just to give the wiki a bit more meat over time and make it easier for others to assess its merits)

:: @Gurce added on 18 Jun ’16 · 10:53

PS. I ended up choosing Dokuwiki, it was a freeware one, fairly lightweight, so I'll see how it goes with that one...

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